9 sites to sell trade-in used Samsung Galaxy S3 / S2 / Galaxy Note 2 / Nexus 4


You want to buy a new phone or upgrade to latest gadget like Samsung Galaxy S4 coming soon or new iPhone. How do you sell your used android phone easily for best price? As you try to buy new smart phone every year or other year, You need to get rid of your current phone like Galaxy S2, S3, Note 2 or Nexus phones etc.

It is hard to find sell or trade-in options for android phones. You need to do more research. It is not straight forward. It is improving though. Also, selling immediately for cash to Gazelle or Amazon trade-in does not give you best deal for your phone. You need to consider selling on other sites.

Best sites to sell/trade-in used Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, Note 2, Nexus etc
1.eBay USA or local eBay site
eBay is obvious option. Everyone knows this. I just wanted to list it here to make it a complete list. As you know, You can sell any type of item on the eBay. If you price it right, You can sell your used phone in couple of hours.

eBay charges a fee If your item gets sold. If you use PayPal to accept your money, PayPal also charges a fee. Know your transaction fee ahead before pricing your item. If you want to sell your phone for about $200, you may need to pay total fee of about $20.

sell samsung galaxy s3 on ebay

Unlocked used 16GB Samsung Galaxy S3 phones are being sold for about $400 now on eBay. eBay Instant Sale program was discontinued recently. You can’t sell via Instant Sale now.

2. Glyde
Glyde is similar to eBay but it is a little easy. As this is a new site, expect your used phone to sell in a few days. You can sell most of Samsung Galaxy Phones including S2, S3, S, Nexus S, Note etc. You can get best price for your used phone. Yo can get as much as $370 for AT&T 16GB Samsung Galaxy S3 phone now. It has Speed Sale option for selling your android phone quickly.

sell used samsung galaxy s2 s3 note

3. Amazon
Aamazon Electronics Trade-In allows you to trade-in your used android phones like Galaxy S2. Trade-Ins normally does not offer good prices.

Amazon also has Amazon Sell Program. You can sell your used Samsung Galaxy S3 etc on Amazon. You can get about $400 for your used Samsung Galaxy S3 on Amazon.

sell used samsung galaxy s3 on amazon

4. Gazelle
Gazelle is popular for selling iPhones. It is accepting Samsung Galaxy Phones now for cash. You can sell your used Samsung phones for cash to Gazelle immediately. You don’t need to wait for your phone to sell. You won’t get best deal though. It has free shipping.

sell used samsung galaxy note 2 for cash

You can sell used unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for $223 to Gazelle now. You can sell may other types of android phones to Gazelle including Samsung Galaxy S, S2, S3, S3 Mini, Note, Note 2, Motoroal Droid Razr. Razr Maxx, LG Nexus 4, LG Optimus G, HTC One X, One S, One X+, EVo etc.

5. NextWorth
NextWorth is another site where you can sell your used android phones. It accepts most type of phones comparing to other sites like Gazelle, Amazon Trade-In. For example, You can get $166 for 16GB AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note now.

sell used samsung galaxy note  for cash

6. Target Stores & JR.com stores
NextWorth partnered with Target & JR.com. You can sell used phone to Target in your local retail store. You will get a Target Trade-In Card for purchasing items from Target. This is really convenient If you just want to get rid of your old phone easily. You can calculate the price you will get online easily.

7. BuyBackWorld
BuyBackWorld seems to accept most types of phones. You can get free shipping. For example – Unlocked 16GB Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 sells for $286 now.

sell galaxy s III gt-i9300 unlocked

8. RadioShack
RadioShack has trade-in program both in stores and online. I could not find a way to trade-in S3 or Note 2. But You can trade-in Galaxy S, S2 and other phones. Offer prices are not that good. RadioShack may add phones like S3, Note etc later.

9. BestBuy
BestBuy has Trade-In program. You can calculate the price online. You can ship the phone to BestBuy Trade-In Center with prepaid shipping label. You will get BestBuy E-Gift Card via email.

BestBuy pays about $300 for 16GB Samsung Galaxy S3 now.

sell galaxy s3 to bestbuy

GameStop also sells used phones, tablets. But I could not find anything about it on their site about selling used phone to them.

You can also sell your used android tablets like Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, Nexus 10, Kindle Fire HD, Galaxy Note 10.1 to some of the above sites.

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