Where to buy Roku 3 online/retail stores


Roku released Roku 3, newest Roku device yet. Roku 3 is the best yet If you are looking to buy a streaming player. Roku 3 has couple of exciting new things If you want to upgrade from Old Roku or Roku 2.

Roku 3 is successor to Roku 2 XS. You can still buy cheaper Roku LT, Roku HD, Roku 2 XD. Roku 3 features new user interface, new CPU. It is 5 times faster than Roku 2 XS. You can search all movies, tv shows from multiple sources like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus, Vudu from a single search box. It has new wireless remote mode to listen to TV using headphones connected to Roku remote for private listening. How awesome is that? I like this feature a lot. It is really useful.

Where to buy Roku 3 online/retail stores
1. Amazon
Amazon has Roku 3 Streaming Player for $99.99 with free shipping. You don’t need to pay taxes in most states.

2. Roku Store
Roku Store has Roku 3 for $99.99 with free shipping. You can order it now online.

3. Roku 3 in Retail Stores
Roku 3 will be available in retail stores like Best Buy, Staples etc starting in April 2013.

Whats included with Roku 3 Streaming Player
Roku 3 comes with following accessories. You don’t get HDMI cable. You need to buy HDMI cable separately.

-Remote with headphone jack for private listening to TV
-In-ear headphones
-Power adapter, free Angry Birds game

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