7 sites to buy cheap refurbished used iPad/iPad mini


If you buy used or refurbished iPad or iPad Mini, You can save money. You will get them cheap compared to buying brand new or latest gadgets. If you change your gadgets very often or buy newest gadgets every year, You can save money buying used products.

There are more than couple of options to buy refurbished iPads. Apple sells certified refurbished products online. You can also buy used iPads in your local Gmaestop stores.

Update: You can also buy used iPads on Glyde. Hope, it helps you.

Where to buy cheap refurbished used iPad/iPad mini
1. Amazon
Amazon has used iPad with Retina display, iPad Minis from multiple sellers. Click on the Used or Refurbished links on that page. Used or refurbished iPad 2, iPad first generation are also available. Used iPad 2 costs $305 as of this writing.

buy used or refurbished ipad ipad mini

2. eBay
eBay has used, seller refurbished, manufacturer refurbished iPads available from multiple sellers. You can select the Condition of the iPad you want to buy.

Used iPad 4th Generation 16GB costs about $400 to $420 now. Please check the eBay site for latest price.

3. eBay Apple Store – Refurbished Outlet
eBay Apple Store – Refurbished Outlet has Apple certified refurbished iPads. You will get full one year warranty. iPads include a new battery. iOS is reinstalled on these iPads.

Apple Certified Refurbished iPad 3rd gen 16GB WiFi + Cellular costs about $500 now.

4. Apple Store
Apple has refurbished iPad deals online. You will get 1 year warranty, new battery, new outer shell. They are also covered by 14 day return policy.

Refurbished iPad 3 16GB Wifi + Cellular costs $509 now.

5. GameStop
GameStop has Pre Owned and refurbished iPads & iPad Minis. You can also buy refurbished iPads in your local GameStop store.

6. Glyde
Glyde has used iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2 and orginals iPads. You can also buy used iPad Minis. It is similar to eBay.

7. CowBoom
CowBoom has PreOwned iPads, iPad Minis. It also sells refurbished iPads. You can search for CowBoom coupons for online. You can get about $20 discount.

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