What is the Mobile Hotspot Tethering limit for T-Mobile Unlimited Plans?


T-Mobile introduced Simple Choice Plans. You can get Unlimited data, text, voice for flat $50 per month. 500MB High Speed 4G LTE data is included. You will get Unlimited 2G Speeds after that. What about Hotspot Tethering limits?

T-Mobile Simple Choice plans obviously save money compared to other plans from AT&T, Verizon etc. But It might be confusing If you want to use Unlimited Hotspot or Tethering for your tablet or computers. You can see what you get for your money below.

1. For $70 per month, You can get Unlimited data, text, voice. You will get High Speed Unlimited 4G LTE data connection. But Mobile Hotspot or Tethering is limited to 500MB. You need to buy additional data If you want to continue to use it for Tethering. Once you reach tethering allocation you buy, Tethering will be stopped. You can read more on T-Mobile site.

2. For $50 per month, You can get Unlimited data, text, voice. High Speed 4G LTE connections are limited to first 500MB. Speeds decrease to 2G after that. You can buy 2GB of High Speed data for every $10 up to 12GB. You can use all of this data up to 12GB for Tethering If you want. With this kind of plan, You can continue to use Tethering with lower speeds after you exceed your data limit.

With T-mobile simple choice plans, There are no overage fees on data, voice or text. Data speeds will be decreased If you have any data limit.

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