How to watch Amazon Prime Instant Videos Flash on android Nexus 7


I like Amazon Prime. I get to watch Amazon Prime Instant Videos for free & enjoy 2 day free shipping. As Amazon videos collection is growing, I will have more to watch for sure. One of the problems with Amazon Instant Videos is, It needs a flash player to play the videos.

Amazon does not have any android app to watch Amazon Prime Videos on any android device. If you have Kindle Fire or newer Kindle Fire HD, you sure can watch Amazon Videos. But If you have other android phones or tablets like Nexus 7, you can’t watch Amazon Videos just by using android browser.

You see “Flash Player is not installed” message if you try to play flash videos

How to watch Amazon Prime Videos & browse Flash Sites
As Amazon does not have any android app yet, you have to use your android browser to watch videos. Amazon released iOS app for iPad recenlty ,so we might see android app soon. But for now, you have to install flash player manually.

Android Jelly Bean 4.1 does not have flash support built in. You can’t download Adobe Flash Player from Google Play Store.

1. Install Flash manually on your android phone or tablet.

2. Default chrome browser does not play flash videos. Download & Install Firefox Beta from Google Play Store. Login to your amazon account using Firefox Beta browser. You can watch amazon prime videos now.

You can also download paid android browser xScope Browser Pro Google Play Store. It costs $3 bucks. It seems to be better than Firefox beta for flash videos.

Above steps work for Ice Cream Sandwich & Jelly Bean android os. It works on android phone including Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC One X, Galaxy Nexus and android tablets Asus Nexus 7 etc.


2 thoughts on “How to watch Amazon Prime Instant Videos Flash on android Nexus 7

  1. Doesn’t seem to work on my Galaxy S3. Followed the steps, but Amazon Instant Videos all say “This item is not available for purchase from your device….”

  2. This was working great for me until April 17′th, 2013.

    Amazon changed something and now I can no longer view Amazon Instant Videos with Flash and a web browser on either of my Android devices. I have done a bunch of research on various forums and apparently Instant video is broken for everybody.

    Whatever they changed also broke the Amazon Instant video plugins for both Plex and XBMC so essentially Amazon has broken the two most popular media servers for Home Theatre PCs.

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