How to watch Amazon Instant Videos & Hulu on TV with Chromecast Player


If you got new Chromecast Streaming Player, You might be wondering If you can play Amazon Prime Videos or Hulu on the TV with Chromecast Player. Roku support both Amazon & Hulu. Apple TV has support for Hulu.

You can play YouTube, Netflix, Goolge Play Videos using Chromecast Player now. Other apps like Pandora will have support soon. But Amazon Instant Videos & Hulu don’t support it yet. But you can use Chrome Browser & Tab Casting to stream Amazon Instant Videos & Hulu to TV. Tab casting feature is in Beta and does not seem to work properly. It is slow to play videos. It also plays up to 720p only.

How to watch Amazon Prime Videos & Hulu on TV with Chromecast Player

1. Make sure you are using latest version of Chrome Browser. Also, TV is turned on with ready to cast screen.

2. Open Chrome Browser and Install Google Cast Chrome extension for Chrome Browser.

3. Go to Amazon Prime Videos or Hulu in the Chrome Browser. Click on the Cast icon in the Browser > Select Chromecast Player to cast the tab on to TV.

stream amazon prime videos to tv with Chromecast

4. Playback might be slow sometimes. If it does not improve, You can change Chrome cast tab projection quality to 480p instead of 720p. To change options, Click on cast icon in the Chrome Browser > Options > select Standard (480p) under Tab Projection Quality.

change video quality chromecast

Try playing Amazon Videos, Hulu now to TV.

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