How to view/edit office word documents doc docx in Nexus 7 or android free


You get an office word document or excel sheet or power point in your email. You need to view it on your mobile device like android phone or tablet. You may want to edit word doc and share it. Fortunately, It is easy to view or edit documents in android.

How to view ms office documents like word/excel/powerpoint
Most android phones & tablets come pre installed with document viewer android app. Each phone might have different viewer. Samsung Galaxy S2 has QuickOffice for viewing word documents. Samsung Galaxy S3 has Polaris Office Viewer for viewing office & pdf documents.

Nexus 7 tablet has default Document Viewer installed. You can view word documents using this. If you use Gmail, Gmail has option to preview or view the documents. You should be able to open documents directly from email attachment.

If your android phone does not have any document viewer or you want to try other android apps for viewing documents, you can download Kingsoft Office or Documents To Go android apps. You can view doc, docx, ppt, xls, xlsx, pptx etc.

If you don’t need any edit functionality, default document viewer should be enough for you.

How to edit/create office docs like word/excel/power point or pdf files
This varies on the android device you have. Galaxy S2 has QuickOffice. You can edit documents with it. For S3, You need to download Polaris Office Full version from Samsung More Services. Nexus 7 does not have any inbuilt document editor.

But you can download below android apps from Google Play Store to edit documents on any android device including Nexus 7, Samsung Tab etc

Google Drive:
Google Docs is part of Google Drive. You can upload or create documents in Google Drive. If you upload word documents, just make sure to check “Convert file to Google docs document” to enable editing.

With Google Drive, you can store documents online. You can share documents with others. You can also make documents available for offline viewing.

KingSoft Office:
KingSoft Office is free android app. You can view & edit 23 types of files including doc,docx,xls,ppt,pdf etc. It supports online storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. You can also save documents in PDF format.

If you are thinking of buying paid apps for more features, you can try QuickOffice Pro or OfficeSuite Pro HD for $15.

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4 thoughts on “How to view/edit office word documents doc docx in Nexus 7 or android free

  1. As per advice I downloaded documents to go 3.0 free, but every time I try to create a document I get the red flag telling me that I must pay for the full version….no such thing as a free lunch. I will throw this piece of crap away and go back to my other tried and true brand name…so much for nexus pads and android. Shoulda coulda Will…

  2. “If you upload word documents, just make sure to check “Convert file to Google docs document” to enable editing.”

    I cannot find a way to check this box whilst using my nexus 7?
    I can open and save word documents to the drive folder which have been sent to me via my hotmail account. But cannot see the above option and therefore cannot edit the documents once in the drive folder. Also how do you upload a document off the internet? Many thanks in advance….Liam…

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