How to unlock/reset Nexus 7 if you forgot pin/password/pattern


Nexus 7 is an amazing 7″ tablet with latest android OS Jelly Bean. You can improve the security of the Google Nexus 7 tablet by setting a pin or password or pattern to unlock the screen. It is easy to reset them If you can’t unlock the Nexus 7 screen or if you forgot the password or pattern.

Unlock Nexus 7 if you forgot pin/password/pattern
Unlocking Nexus 7 is same as unlocking android phone if you forgot password/pattern/pin.

1. Try entering wrong pattern or password about 5 or 10 times. It should display “forgot pattern?” or “forgot pin?” etc option.

2. Tap on the “forgot pattern?” etc option. You should see option to enter to Google account username/password to unlock it. Make sure you are connected to a WiFi to authenticate with Google account.

if you forgot your Google account password, Go to Google Account Recovery on your computer to reset Google account password. After resetting it, enter it on Nexus 7 tablet to unlock it.

3. If you really lost Google account username/password or you are not getting any option “forgot pin?” or “forgot password?” or “forgot pattern?”, you need to hard reset Nexus 7 to factory settings. Please follow that link to hard reset Nexus 7. You can do this by entering into recovery mode.

Hard resetting your Nexus 7 wipes out all the data on your tablet. It will return to original state when you bought it. You can setup new Google account username/password now.

This is same as restoring your computer to original state when you reformat it.

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8 thoughts on “How to unlock/reset Nexus 7 if you forgot pin/password/pattern

  1. How do I connect to the wifi if I wasn’t connected and am locked out. I know the email and password but I can’t connect because there’s no wifi

    • Did you manage to unlocked your phone? I’m on the same boat , locked my phone, I don’t remember the pattern. I remember gmail account but my phone wifi is deactivated and 3g as well.

      • The official solution for the time being, I am afraid, is to just have it replaced. That’s what I was told by the customer service. (Although there should be some workaround not officially supported.)

        I hope this chicken or egg problem can be taken care of when they develop the next version.

  2. For those who had 3G access but had turned it off. Hold the power button, you will have the option to turn on/off the data network mode, just turn it on and sign into the account

  3. Dont think they know what there talking about..My nexus7 (wifi only model)..simply says..”you entered wrong pin 10 times,try again in 30 seconds”..and you cant make sure your hooked up to WIFI if you cant even get into

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