Unlock Android phone like Galaxy S3, S4, HTC One If you forgot pin/password/pattern


You can increase the security of your android phone and its data by having a pin, password or pattern lock on your android phone. This is helpful if you lose your phone or you don’t want others to access your phone. Screen lock pin or passwords are same as computer passwords.

If you don’t remember the pin, password or pattern lock you set, It becomes a hassle to unlock your android phone or tablet.

How to unlock android phone if you forgot pin/password/pattern

1. Enter the wrong pin, password or pattern about 5 times or more. It displays “forgot pattern?” or “forgot pin?” option in the right corner of the phone screen as seen in the below image. You might not see this option after trying multiple times also. Read the rest of the article to know what to do if you don’t see “forgot pin?” option.

2. Tap on “forgot pattern?”. You will see option to enter Google username and password you use on the android device. You need to be connected to WiFi or Mobile Network to authenticate Google account.

You can also enter backup pin if you have set it to unlock phone. If you forgot your google account username & password, go to Google Account Recovery on your computer and follow instructions to reset your password. After resetting the password, enter it on your phone or tablet. If you can’t reset your google account password for any reason, read below to reset your phone.

3. If you don’t see “forgot pin?” or “forgot password?” option like in the below image, You have couple of options to unlock your android phone.

Method 1 to unlock phone if you don’t see forgot pin option.
a. If you know your Google account username & password, Go to Google Play Store on your computer & download Screen Lock Bypass and install it on to your phone. You can install apps on to your android phone remotely using your computer browser.

b. Download any other application like solitaire from Google Play Store and It will bypass the screen lock. Remember to install any other application thats not installed on your phone.

c. Above method should unlock your phone, if not, try to restart your phone using power button. It should unlock your phone. You can backup your phone data if you need to.

This method does not reset your pin, password or pattern. It only enables you to bypass screen lock. Whenever you want unlock your phone, you need to restart your phone.

If you want to bypass screen lock permanently and reset your phone pin or password or pattern, you need to buy Screen Lock Bypass Pro and install it. It costs $4.2 now.

Method 2 to unlock phone if you don’t see forgot pin option & can’t access Google account.
a Call your phone carrier service, they should be able to help to unlock your android phone. They might ask you for IMEI number of your phone. You can find it on the battery of your phone. Turn off your phone and remove battery to find the IMEI number.

credit: samsung

b. If your phone carrier is not helpful with unlocking your phone, you need to hard reset your android phone. Follow that article to hard reset your phone. You will lose all the data on your phone including media like music, photos, videos, contacts etc. Your phone will be restored to factory state (original state) same as when you bought it. So be careful with factory reset using hard reset method.

You can use above methods to unlock any android phone including Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy S2, Droid, HTC One X etc

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9 thoughts on “Unlock Android phone like Galaxy S3, S4, HTC One If you forgot pin/password/pattern

  1. Daughter reset and forgot password on Nexus 7. Have reentered bogus passwords over 50 times, after each trial of five it asks me to wait for 30 seconds and then lets me try 5 times again. I need help, here

  2. I was using facial recognition for the lockscreen with a PIN as a backup. Something happened and my PIN no longer worked. I didn’t forget it because I had been using the same PIN for a long time. It just suddenly stopped working.

    Unfortunately, none of the methods suggested here worked. The Screen Lock Bypass program said it wouldn’t work on my Sprint Galaxy s3, so I couldn’t use that. But I found that Where’s My Droid did work. (wheresmydroid.com).

    I used the unlock feature in that software (you have to get the pro version (for about $4 bucks). Once I unlocked the phone I then used the “lock” feature to set the password back to what it had always been – and surprisingly – it actually worked!

    So maybe that’ll help a few people for whom none of these suggestions here work.

    Thanks for the article!

  3. hey
    everyone i want to tell you some thing if you forget you password or pin
    never give up ; i also forgot my pin on galaxy gt-7500 .and the pin i used was 0923 i thougt so but i found out later it was 0926 i missed it with 6 but i didn’t give up after 100 times i got it .

  4. I got Samsung s2 and locked it with passphrase and forgot it. I tried above methods but di’nt work and software you suggested is not compatible with my cellphone. I tried installing app not there in mobile and also rebooted my cell but still it’s locked. There is no option of forgot password showing up else I got google account. Can you please help me. I got urgent work with cell and data is important on cell thanks.

  5. i found a samsung galaxy s3 for at&tband i wanna get into the phone like past the pasword.. wats the best way i can accomplish this? ive tried the hard reset wen the fone is off by pressing the center button, volume down and the power button.. a message about dowload an OS pops up wen i tried to download it.. the android sign pops up and say downloading.. do no turn off target. i left it for thr whole night and nothing happened… someone helpppp!! pleasee and thank you!!

  6. The software is incompatible with the Galaxy S2 – or Android 4.0.4, one of the two and I don’t get the forgotten password button.

    Any more ideas?

  7. I had forgotten that I had Locate my droid on my phone I used that to lock my phone and then used the password the app gave me to get back in :D I am so happy WOOOOOO!

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