How to fix Unknown Location or Location Unavailable in Android Device Manager


Google’s Android Device Manager is helpful to find your lost android phone or tablet. If you have older version Google Play Store on android phone or You did not update your android phone for a while, You may see “Unknown Location” on Android Device Manager website.

You may want to use Android Device Manager at least once before you lose android device to test it.

How to fix Unknown Location in Android Device Manager

1. If Google’s Android Device Manager site does not show location of your android device, There might be few things you need to check.

Location Unknown Unavailable android device manager

2. Make sure your android device is powered on and connected to Internet either via WiFi or Cellular data.

3. On your android device, Go to Settings > Apps or Application Manager > select All > Tap on Google Play Services.

You need to have atleast Google Play Services 3.2.25 installed. Install newer version Google Play Services If you need to.

Google Play Services version 3.2.25

4. If you have Google Play Services 3.2.25 version, You may need to clear date & clear cache for Google Play Services. Go to Settings > Apps or Application Manager > select All > Tap on Google Play Services > Tap “Clear Data” and “Clear Cache”.

clear data for google play service

5. Login to Android Device Manager again to find your android device now. Also read more at Google’s support page.

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