Twitter on SMS, Only from Airtel: Impressive Commercials


Who in India do not know about Airtel, you would have watched its commercials in-between TV shows and also in movie theaters. Commercials of Airtel will be very attractive and tells purely about the quality and satisfaction that you can have using its service. Oscar Winner and legendary Music Director A.R.Rahman have composed music for these commercials enhancing their beauty infinitely.


Recently Airtel has released three amazing commercials promoting Twitter on SMS service on their network. All the three commercials are very impressive and very attractive. You would not like to press a button on your remote control when these ads play on your TV set. You can actually visuals yourself in those ads, really the screen play and cinematography is only possible for real experts in the field.

There are three videos in total and titled Skydiver, Hitch Hiker and Guitar. The one titled Guitar is very good in this add a girl plays Guitar to forget her boyfriend and tweets the same on her Airtel. Really amazing concept.

If you are holding an Airtel mobile connection with you and use Twitter regularly to tell your friends what you are doing. Then you can update your status from your Airtel mobile by sending an SMS. To activate this service on your connection just type signup and send SMS to 53000 and keep tweeting.





These are some screenshots taken from Airtel Twitter ads. You can watch these ads online following this official link here.


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