Turn Android Phone or Tablets into Free WiFi Hotspot without rooting


If you want to access internet on your pc/mac while you are on the road, you can tether your android phone without rooting it. I have Samsung Galaxy S2 phone. I use it to access Internet on my Windows laptop sometimes. I don’t have any tethering plan with the carrier.

FoxFi – Free Wifi Hotspot Android App
FoxFi can make your phone or tablet Wifi hotspot and you can access internet up to five devices including iPad, Kindle, Nook, Wii, Xbox etc. You have 2 types of tethering options. WiFi Tethering mode works for most phones like Samsung, Motorola, LG Phones. Bluetooth mode works for all phones

How to install FoxFi on your android phone/tablet
Go to foxfi.com on your phone or tablet. It will redirect to Google Play Foxfi app. You can download and install it.

image:Google Play

-After installing app, Check “Activate WiFi Hotspot”
-Connect to displayed network name on your PC, Mac, iPad, Kindel, Game consoles like Xbox, PS3, Wii
-Wait for your system to connect to this network.

This is really easy install and use it. You dont need to install anything on computer PC or Mac etc. I tested it on my phone with AT&T carrier. It worked fine. Good thing you don’t need to root your phone. Unfortunately this app does not work on few phones like HTC phones

As per Google Play reviews, it worked on below phones and more

-LG Optimus One
-Motorola Droid RAZR, Droid X
-Samsung Infuse 4G, Galaxy S2, Galaxy Nexus, Samsung Droid Charge, Galaxy Y, Samsung Stratosphere

What is your favorite app for Tethering or WiFi Hotspot? What is the best app for Tethering?

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One thought on “Turn Android Phone or Tablets into Free WiFi Hotspot without rooting

  1. I got the foxfi apk. But Icant seem to get anything to conect to it. Imon the galaxsy s2 stock. Though id love to root it. So it wont burn out,as my daughters did. Can anyone help? Oh, i dont have internet, on my laptop. We cant afford it in the AZ dessert.

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