Transfer/Export/Import Contacts, SMS, Videos, Music, Photos from Samsung Galaxy S2 to S3


Update: Please read new post to transfer contacts to android phone from iPhone, Window Phone, Outlook etc.

So you got new samsung galaxy s3. Are you enjoying the new phone? If your old phone is also Samsung or Samsung Galaxy, you can easily transfer data like contacts, sms, mms, videos, music, photos, memos, todos, schedules to your new android phone galaxy s3.

How to move data from samsung galaxy s/s2 etc to galaxy s3
This should not take long to copy data from old phone to new phone. Samsung has Kies software. This is similar to iTunes software. Lets go through Kies tutorial for transferring data.

1. Download & Install Samsung Kies software on your pc/mac. You should see link to download the software on that page. When I tried to download this software on my Windows 7 laptop, It installed some hotfixes and had to reboot my machine and start the install again. But it was worth it to install Kies.

2. Open Kies program you just installed. Connect your old phone like galaxy s/s2 etc to pc/mac using usb cable. Kies should recognize your phone and display your device on the top left side under connected devices.

3. Connect your new phone galaxy s3 also to your pc/mac using another usb cable. It should be displayed in that list as well.

Transfer Contacts, SMS to new phone galaxy s3

4. Select old phone in the connected devices list, click on import/export tab and click “transfer to another device” next to contacts.

Note:screenshots are taken using old version of kies software from kies tutorial. I don’t have 2 phones to take real screenshots. It should be similar in the newer kies version.

You should be able to transfer sms, contacts, memo, todos, all photos, videos, music to your new phone.

Transfer Media/data like selected videos,photos,music to new phone
5. You can transfer media files to your new phone by drog & drop in the Kies. For each media like photos, videos, music, select what you want to transfer and drop on to the new phone media.

6. Google Play applications should be synced automatically if you use the google account to login on your new phone.

Other options to copy data from old phone to new phone:
1.Copy data files like photos, videos, music to your pc manually by connecting your phone through usb and copy them again to your phone.
2.Export old phone contacts, sms to your pc/mac using Kies and import into new phone using Kies.
3.Use android apps like sms backup & restore, call history backup & restore

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11 thoughts on “Transfer/Export/Import Contacts, SMS, Videos, Music, Photos from Samsung Galaxy S2 to S3

  1. Awesome! To transfer SMS from iPhone to Galaxy S3 Android, I recommend a program called Backuptrans iPhone SMS to Android Transfer.

    Best luck!

  2. I’m pretty intelligent when it comes to computers and technology but I do not understand why this is not working for me. Does having a Mac present a different process in doing this or has this not been executed on a mac and what I am seeing is PC/Window users. Help a Droid out.

  3. Can anyone confirm if they were able to complete the transfer with these specs.

    S2 to S3
    Mac Computer
    Did it transfer, contacts, sms & mms?

    Not that I do not believe the post but confirmation is good on any level when dealing with electronics and technology.

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