How to transfer Yahoo contacts to android phone/tablet like Galaxy S3, S4, Nexus 7


If you got a new android phone, First thing you may want to do it to transfer your contacts to your new phone. If you have been using Yahoo Mail, Your contacts might be in Yahoo account. It is easy to export contacts from Yahoo to android phone or tablet.

If you have been long loyal Yahoo user, All of Your contacts might be there. You might be using Yahoo account to keep your contacts up-to-date. Importing contacts to android phone is easy and should not take more than couple of minutes. You can either transfer contacts one time or sync contacts between your Yahoo account and android phone. Use Sync contacts method If you want to keep using Yahoo account to maintain your contacts up-to-date.

How to transfer contacts from Yahoo to android phone or tablet
1. On your computer, Go to Yahoo Mail and login with your Yahoo username & password.

2. Go to Contacts Tab > Actions > Export All

3. You will see several options to export your contacts including vCard single file to export contacts to VCF file.

export yahoo contacts vCard vcf file to android

4. Click on the Export Now as shown above to export all Yahoo contacts to vcf file. VCF file will be downloaded to your Computer.

5. You can email above downloaded vcf file to your Gmail or Google account. On your android phone or tablet, login to Gmail and Tap on the VCF file attachment to download the file to your android device. This file will be downloaded to Downloads app. Go to Applications > Downloads > Tap on the vcf file to import contacts.

If you don’t want to email VCF file, You can manually copy the file to android device by connecting it to computer via USB cable. On your android device, Use ES File Explorer or similar app to locate the copied VCF file and tap on the VCF file to import contacts.

Thats it. You contacts should be on your android device. This is the easiest method If you want to transfer contacts from Yahoo to android once. You can also sync contacts from Yahoo Mail to android phone as below.

How to sync Yahoo contacts to Android Phone like Galaxy S2, S3, S4, HTC One or tablet like Nexus 7
1. On your android device, Download Yahoo Mail android app from Google Play Store.

2. Login to your Yahoo account using Yahoo ID & password. It asks you to Enable Sync during setup. If you check it, It syncs contacts from Yahoo account to android phone. It does not send android phone contacts to Yahoo account.

3. You can manage syncing contacts option by going to Settings > Account & Sync > Yahoo account > Sync contacts, on your android device.

Thats it. Your contacts will be synced to android phone periodically.

Both these methods work most android phones including Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, S4, Note 2, HTC One, Sony Xperia Z, Nexus 4, Micromax Canvas HD, Galaxy Grand etc and android tablets including Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, Note 8, Galaxy Note 10.1, slate7, fonePad etc.

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