How to transfer Contacts to Android Phone like Galaxy S3, S4, HTC One


You got a new android phone? You want to transfer contacts to your android phone. Your contacts might be in the old phone like iPhone, old android phone, windows phone or in the cloud like gmail account or on your computer like outlook etc. It is easy to move contacts to any android phone like Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC One X, Motorola Droid, LG etc.

Transfer contacts from iPhone to android
Method 1:
Download my contacts backup from App Store and install it on your iPhone. Click on backup after opening the app. Email the contacts file to your gmail account. It has option to send the contacts in vCard format. Login to your gmail account and import contacts into gmail account.

On your new android phone, login using same gmail account and go to contacts app > “sync contacts” to sync contacts. You should see contacts on your phone now. This has a limitation 500 contacts. But you don’t need to connect to iTunes etc.

Method 2:
If you have access to computer and iTunes, connect your iPhone to computer. Open iTunes. Click info tab, check “sync contacts with”, select “Google Contacts” in the drop down and click configure to enter gmail username & password. Click apply at the bottom of iTunes screen. Your contacts will be synced to gmail account.

On your new phone, Open Contacts app > menu options > Sync contacts to get contacts & phone numbers. Thats it.

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Transfer contacts from iCloud to Android Phone
If your contacts are in iCloud, You can easily transfer contacts to your android phone by following instruction here.

Another quickest method to transfer contacts from iPhone to android phone without iTunes or computer, is using CardDav. You can read about it here.

Transfer contacts from Windows Phone to Android
If you have a windows phone, your contacts are most probably in windows live account. Make sure your contacts are synced to windows live account. Login to windows live account on your computer and select options link and click “export contacts”, on the next screen, click export to export contacts to a csv file and save this file on your computer.

You can import this file into gmail account. Login to gmail account. go to contacts as shown below to import contacts.

Once you have imported contacts into gmail, you should be ready sync contacts to your phone.

On your new android phone, go to contacts app > menu options > sync contacts to have contacts on your phone.

Transfer contacts from Blackberry to Android
You need Google Sync app on your Blackberry. Go to in blackberry browser and download google sync and install it. Open the app and login to your gmail account, sync your contacts to gmail.

Login to same Gmail account on your new android phone and open contacts app > sync contacts to get contacts on the phone.

Transfer contacts from old samsung android phone to new samsung android phone
This is super easy. If you have 2 phones & both are samsung android phones like galaxy s, galaxy s2, galaxy s3, it is easy copy contacts. Install samsung kies on your pc/mac and connect your 2 phones to your computer. Samsun Kies is similar to iTunes. You can transfer contacts one device to another. Also, you can transfer other data like photos, music, schedules, memo, video easily.

Transfer contacts from android to android via Google gmail account
If your old & new phones are android phones, you can sync contacts to gmail account on the old phone and sync it again on the new phone.

On your old android phone
-Open Contacts app, click on menu button to see options
-Select “Merge with Google”, it will copy all your contacts to gmail account.

On your new android phone
-Login using same gmail account on your new phone
-Open Contacts app > menu options > Sync contacts

Thats it. You should see the contacts on your new phone.

Transfer contacts from Outlook to Android Phone
If you have contacts in Outlook on windows pc, you can export contacts to csv file and import csv file into gmail account. You can sync gmail contacts to android phone using “sync contacts” in the contacts app. This video explains it.

Transfer contacts from Mac address book to Android phone
-Export contacts from Mac address book. To do this, Open address book, click on File > Export > Export vCard
-Enter file name to save contacts to a file.

Login to your gmail account to import contacts from above saved file. Please look at image above to import contacts into gmail account.

Once you have contacts in google account, You can sync contacts to your phone by opening contacts app and using sync contacts option. You can import contacts from Yahoo mail, Hotmail etc in the same way.

Transfer contacts via SD Card
If you have SD card on your phones, you can export contacts to SD card and import them again on to new phone.

-With SD Card inserted on the old phone, open contacts app > menu options > Import/Export contacts > Select SD card > Select all contacts > send.

Contacts are exported to SD card. Insert SD card into the new phones, follow the same procedure to import contacts from SD card.

Transfer contacts via SIM card
If you have few contacts or can’t use any of the above methods, you can copy contacts to sim card and move them to new phone.

-Go to contacts options on old phones, select mark all in the options menu (if you don’t have mark all, you need to mark each contact individually)
-Select copy to sim to copy contacts to sim
-Insert sim into the new phone now & go to contact options > mark all > copy contacts to phone memory.

This is useful if you just want to copy names & phone numbers and not interested in contact email addresses etc. | via

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  1. Nicely explained transfer methods. I transferred my contacts from BB 8310 to Galaxy S3 via Bluetooth in minutes. The hard part was pairing the phones. Entering BB PIN into S3 was tricky but it finally worked.

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