How to transfer iPhone iCloud contacts to Android Phone


If you got a new android phone, You may want to transfer contacts from your old phone like iPhone 5/4S/4 etc to your new android phone like Galaxy S3, Note 2, Nexus 4 etc.

There are more than couple of ways to transfer contacts from iPhone to android like emailing vcf file to Gmail account, using iTunes to sync contacts, using Bump to send contacts without using iTunes or computer. But you can also transfer contacts from iCloud to android phone easily.

How to transfer contacts from iCloud to android phone like Galaxy S3, Nexus, Note 2 etc
1. If you have iPhone, You most probably have your contacts in iCloud. Go to iCloud on your computer using browser. Login with your Apple ID and password. Go to Contacts. You should see your contacts there. If you don’t see your contacts here, you can sync iPhone contacts to iCloud by turning on iCloud on your iPhone. On your iPhone, Go to Settings > iCloud > Turn on iCloud. You may also need to turn on Contacts under iCloud settings. Your contacts will be synced to iCloud.

2. Now you can see your contacts at iCloud website on your computer. Select any contact > select all contacts by pressing Ctrl key + A key on your computer.

3. Click on Settings > Export vCard … to export all your iCloud contacts to vcf file. This vcf file will be downloaded to your computer. You should find this file under Downloads on your computer.

4. Email this vcf file to yourself. You can email to any email account like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook etc.

5. On your android phone, Go to the same email account in the browser or email app, Download the vcf file attachment. If you use browser on your android phone, VCF file will be downloaded to Downloads folder. You can get to downloaded file by going to Applications > Downloads. Tap on the VCF file to import contacts to android phone.

This method works on any iOS device with iOS 5 or greater. So it works on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad, iPad Mini, iPod Touch 3rd generation or later. Make sure you have iOS 5 or later on these devices.

You can easily import iPhone iClod contacts to any andriod phone like Galaxy S2, S3, Note 2, Nexus 4, HTC One X, Sony Xperia, Droid Razr etc.

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