How to transfer files Windows Phone 8 to Computer via WiFi, no USB


You may want to transfer files like photos, videos, songs or any other files pdf, text, word documents from your Windows Phone 8 to computer or from laptop to Windows Phone wirelessly. It is inconvenient to carry USB cable all the time and connecting cable every time to your phone and computer.

Android has couple of popular apps like AirDroid, Samsung Kies Air etc. I could not find similar apps in Windows Phone Marketplace. There is one app called ShareFolder. It works the same way. You can copy and past between your Windows PC and Windows Phone 8 like Lumia 920, HTC 8x etc. As the name suggest, you can copy and paste to a shared folder on your computer.

How to transfer files between Windows Phone 8 and Computer via WiFi
1. Create a Shared Folder on your computer. Create a folder and share it. Right click on the folder > select properties > select Sharing tab > Click Share button

2. Download & Install ShareFolder on your Windows Phone 8. It costs $2.49. But you can try it for free.

3. Open the app, Click on the + sign to add a connection for shared folder under Connections. Enter your computer ip address, username, password. It displays available shared folders. Select any shared folder. You can view files in the shared folder after saving the connection.

4. You can copy and paste files between your computer and windows phone. Local tab displays local files stored on the phone. Remote tab displays shared folder files. You can view any local files by long pressing on the file name. You can save photos to phone gallery. You can copy photos from your phone gallery to computer also.

You can transfer pdf, doc, docx, image, videos, mp3, ringtones using this Windows Phone app. Demo video is available If you need more instructions.

Trial version allows connection to only one shared folder. It works with Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP. It works with all Windows Phone 8 phones including Lumia 920, Lumia 820, Lumia 810, HTC 8X, Samsung Ativ etc.

You can also share files via bluetooth but you can send and receive one file at a time. You can’t view and access files on the computer.

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