How to transfer contacts/videos/photos/music from iPhone 3gs/4/4s to iPhone 5 iTunes


You got your new iPhone 5. I am sure you are enjoying the new 4″ bigger screen. One of the things you do is transfer all data from your old iPhone to new iPhone 5. You might want to get contacts or phone numbers, videos, photos, songs on to your new iPhone 5.

It is easy to move data from old iPhone to new iPhone 5 using iTunes. You just need a PC or Mac with iTunes installed. It should not take long time to transfer data. It depends on the amount of data you have though.

How to transfer data from iPhone 3g/4/4s to iPhone 5
1. Connect your old iPhone to PC or Mac using USB cable. It will open iTunes. Make sure you are using latest version of iTunes to avoid any issues. You can download latest iTunes version from Apple site.

2. iTunes displays your phone in the left column. Right click on it and click “Back Up” to make a backup of your iPhone data.

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3. Turn on your new iPhone 5 and connect it to same computer.. Follow Setup instructions. If you already used new iPhone 5 and want to get to Set Up screen again, you need to reset iPhone 5 to factory settings. You can do this by going to Settings > General > Reset > Erase iPhone. This will delete all your data on your iPhone 5.

On the “Set Up iPhone” screen, select “Restore from iTunes Backup” to transfer data to your new iPhone.Your iPhone restarts automatically after its finished restoring data.

Backup & Restore includes your device settings, messages like SMS, MMS, iMessage etc, ringtones, app data etc. You can’t move data from newer version of iOS to older version of iOS.

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