How to transfer contacts to android via bluetooth for galaxy s2 s3


You got a new phone. The first thing you do is to transfer contacts from old phone to your new phone. There are lot of methods to transfer contacts to android phone.

My friend asked me an easy question. He has old iPhone and he bought new android phone Samsung Galaxy S3. He would like to transfer contacts easily just using bluetooth. He does not want to use any other methods like email, gmail account, downloading apps etc.

I took iPhone 4S and android phone galaxy s2 and tried to pair them using bluetooth. I was able to discover phones using bluetooth. But could not send/receive anything via bluetooth.

I was able to send/receive vcard files, images etc from android phone to computer though. I think it is not possible to transfer contacts from iPhone to android phone just using bluetooth.

Transfer Contacts to Android via Bluetooth without Gmail or iTunes
1.Turn on Bluetooth on android phone. Go to Applications > Settings > Bluetooth > Turn on. Also check visible option to make it discoverable from other devices.

2.On your old phone like Nokia or BlackBerry etc, Go to Contacts > Click on Options menu > Select mark/unmark > Select Mark All > Select Options again > Select Business Card (vcard) > Select Bluetooth > Select your new android phone.

Thats it. Your contacts should be on your new phone.

But this method does not work for iPhone. Follow below steps for iPhone if you don’t want to use GMail or iTunes. You can transfer contacts using GMail & iTunes too.

1.Download My Contacts Backup from App Store on your iPhone. Open the app & click Backup to create a copy of all contacts in vcf format. Email the file to yourself.

2.Download this file on to your computer. Send this file via Bluetooth from Your computer to android Phone. Thats it

Did you find any other easy to transfer contacts from iPhone to android phone like Galaxy S3 via bluetooth?

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One thought on “How to transfer contacts to android via bluetooth for galaxy s2 s3

  1. Thanks to you, I could transfer all my contacts to new phone. But I still could not find an easy method to transfer text messages. My older phone has no operating system.

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