Where to trade in or sell used Kindle Fire HD 7/8.9″ for cash


As new tablets are released in every 6 months or a year, You may want to upgrade your android tablet to latest gadget by trading in or selling your used tablet like Kindle Fire HD etc. Or You might have got Kindle Fire HD as gift and you don’t like it. or You just want to get rid of your tablet.

Most people know you can trade in Apple devices like iPad, iPhone at places like Gazelle, Amazon Trade-In etc. But It is hard to find a place to trade in or sell used Kindle Fire HD tablets.

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Amazon Trade-In used to accept used Kindle Fire HDs earlier. It does not seem to accepting them now. You can trade-in regular Kindle Fire, Kindle eReaders on Amazon though. It is a little weird.

Where to trade-in or sell used Kindle Fire HD 7/8.9
1. eBay: If you want to get more cash for Kindle Fire HD, You can always sell used tablet on eBay. You can check how much Kindle Fire HD is selling for on eBay now. Remeber, eBay charges a fee about $10 to $20 depending on your selling methods and asking price. Be sure to consider this when you set the asking price for Kindle Fire HD.

2. eBay Instant Sale: If you don’t like selling on eBay or You don’t have time to go through the process, You can sell used Kindle Fire HD for cash on eBay Instant Sale. You can ship your tablet for free to eBay by getting a shipping label. Your trade-in cash will be deposited into PayPal account in 5 business days. This is good alternative way If you want to get cash easily.

As a bonus tip, You can call your local GameStop store and ask them If they buy Kindle Fire HD from you. GameStop normally accepts iPhones, iPads etc.

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