Top Tools to Automatically Change Your Desktop Wallpaper


desktop-wallpaperThe first things that you will see when your system is turned on is desktop and wallpaper on it. Most of us will be used to change desktop wallpapers often to make it look fresh and cool. Changing wallpaper will take some time; many times we may actually forget to change wallpaper. How about if there is a tool that automatically change your desktop wallpaper? This would be really nice right yes there are many applications that can change desktop wallpapers randomly.

Some of these applications can even apply images from photo sharing sites like Flickr, Picasa, etc. These applications are light weight and easy to use. Try these applications to make your desktop new and interesting always.

Wallpaper Slideshow


Wallpaper Slideshow is an interesting application with tons of features embedded inside. In spite of all these features its user interface is very simple and allows you to handle any number of wallpapers. Its main feature is it can automatically resize any image to fit to screen size. It can also display custom captions with the Meta data support. To change wallpapers at a specific period of time all that you have to do is set the time. Say you have set time as every 90 seconds selected wallpapers will automatically change with smooth transition effect. You can also use hotkeys to quickly change wallpaper.



WPTimer is a very light but powerful wallpaper change application. This application can be used on Windows XP and Vista operating systems. Its use is very simple select the wallpaper that you want to loop from the listed wallpapers. Set the time interval between two wallpapers and click on the start button. WPTimer will automatically loop selected wallpapers at the specified time interval.



VLADSTUDIO is a famous website where you can find wallpapers, icons, etc. There are millions of interesting wallpapers, browsing through all of them takes days. By using this little tool you can directly download wallpapers from valdstudio. This application will randomly download wallpapers from vladstudio and apply it as desktop wallpaper. You can also randomly download images from this site and this tool will also notify you when new wallpaper is available at vladstudio.

Bionix Wallpaper


Bionix Wallpaper is special in its own way with some interesting features which most of other application do not have. Like any other application it will automatically change your desktop wallpaper at intervals. Automatic background color detection is a special feature of this program. This feature will detect and apply appropriate background color when the wallpaper does not exactly fit in your screen. Even if you use small images it makes them interesting and beautiful.

Automatic Wallpaper changer


AWC is a cool application to use if you want to use images on your desk as wallpapers. You can select any folder and subfolder to get images to use as wallpapers. AWC will automatically resize images to best fit the screen. You can choose Full screen, worst fit and best fit option from the menu. It accepts many image file format so you can freely use any image in any format as desktop wallpaper. If you have added new images to the folder AWC will automatically detect them and cycle them in a loop.

Uranium Desktop


If you are have dual monitor then this is the application you are looking for. Uranium Desktop will change and rotate wallpapers on both the monitors at a specific time set by you. Select a folder in which you have place all your wallpapers and it will pick them to use as wallpapers. For multi monitors it has got three options, you can use same image on all the monitors. Stretch the same image on all monitors or use different image on each monitor.



Flickr is one of the most favorite photo sharing sites for millions. It hosts some of amazing wallpapers on the internet and by using this wonderful application you can get those images to your desktop. You can give tags so that it will search Flickr for images sharing similar tag and download them automatically. It can also change your desktop wallpaper with stunning Flickr images at regular intervals.

Wallpaper Master


Wallpaper Master is a wallpaper cycler and manager. Using this powerful application you can change and manage wallpapers easily with comfort. Assign wallpapers in separate categories to cycle – up to 5000 images in one category. You can rate images as they appear so highly rated images appear more often than others. By this way you can rate and cycle images on your desktop background.

John’s Background Switcher


John’s Background Switcher is unique among all these wallpaper changing software’s. It is easy, simple and powerful application which can get images from multiple websites. It will search for most popular images in photo sharing sites like Flickr, Picasa, facebook, smugmug, etc., and download them. These images will be used as wallpapers and will be changed at regular intervals as specified by you.



As the name of the application suggests it will download wallpapers from Flickr and set them as desktop wallpapers. Flickrwall is very simple to use and easy, for the first time you have to adjust some settings like timing and user options. You can choose to search Flickr with or without sign in to download wallpapers. This application can download your favorite, top and photo stream photos from Flickr or you can choose to download one photo at a time manually. According to time set by you it will automatically change desktop wallpaper.



Desklickr is a very small application that can change wallpapers automatically. This application will download cool wallpapers from Flickr according to the tags you have entered. It can also download photos from your favorites on Flickr and use them as wallpapers.

Chaos Wallpaper


If you would like to see your RSS feeds on your desktop and also change wallpaper at times automatically then this is your application. It can display RSS feeds on your desktop while regularly changing wallpapers. Hence you can stay up to date on your feeds and your desktop looks cool and interesting always.

Fun Desktop Wallpaper Changer


Fun Desktop Wallpaper Changer is a very lightweight application that changes wallpapers in a funny way. Just select wallpapers that you want to rotate on your desktop this can be anything from vacation photos or photos of your beloved once. With very small footprint it is very light on your processor and will not slow down your system in any way.

Wallpaper Juggler


Wallpaper Juggler can download wallpapers from sites like Interfacelift and wallpaperstock. So by bringing some of the coolest wallpapers to your desktop it makes your desktop stunningly awesome always. You can set interval to change wallpapers automatically at the set time. It will also show what are the new wallpapers downloaded and when the next change is scheduled or you can change wallpaper manually.


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