Top Sites to look for Windows Mobile Softwares


windows_mobileWhen the first Windows Mobile phone was announced there was much hype among the mobile users for the new mobile. But as the latest iPhone, Android’s entered the market Windows Mobiles have got very less public attention. Though Win Mobiles have got a decent number of users and for their development and needs there are few best sites that provide free Windows mobile software’s. Here are top sites to look for free Windows Mobile Phone software’s and applications.

Freeware Pocket PC


Freeware Pocket PC is an excellent place to look for free Windows Mobile software’s and applications. In this site you can hundreds and thousands of applications to download directly to your mobile. You can also download it on your PC and install them on to your mobile at your convenience. If you are looking for particular software you can make use of the search box or browse through applications one by one. To the left hand side you can find tags for the applications, click on the tags to see all the applications with that tag.

PocketPC Freeware Mobi

At the first look at this site you will not feel it as the best site to look for Windows mobile software’s. But when you look at the collection of applications in this site you will be amazed. You can browse from one page to another by clicking on the next page link to view software’s listed. If you are looking for an application in certain category then use the drop down menu at the top to choose your category of interest. Click on any of the application title to get more details about it and you can download the application directly to your PC.

HTC freeware


This is one another nice site to look for Windows Mobile applications. All that you need to do to find an application that you need is click on the link that best describes about your application. Now it will display all the applications that are categorized under that keyword, click on any of the application title to know more about it and download it directly to your system.


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