Top 5 iPhone Apps to Keep You Fit


fitnessStaying fit and healthy is all that man needs to be happy and lead peaceful life. If you have got an iPhone or iPod Touch than you can make your gadget as your own fitness mentor. There are many health and fitness applications available for iPhone which can be used to track your health and fitness easily. You can also use these applications to stay focused and continue your fitness regime.

Some of these applications are paid which will only cost you couple of bucks while others are free applications. You need to have iTunes installed on your computer to open links below and also to download applications. You can also visit iTunes from your iPhone to download and install applications directly on to your phone.

iLoseWeight – Free


If you are planning seriously to reach your target weight in a specified period of time, it is very important that you follow a strict and healthy diet and exercise plan to achieve your goal. iLoseWeight is a free application which will you track your weight, BMI, fat and water relation. It is very easy for daily use because of user friendly interface. You can add user specific data in this application and also track your weight accordingly like daily, monthly or yearly. If you are serious about losing or gaining weight this is a must have application.

Calorie Tracker – $2.99


Calories play a major role in one’s health and fitness. To stay fit for long one has to take major care about the number of calories they take in and number of calories they burn day to day. This is a must have application for models and people for whom staying fit and healthy is really important. This application is by which offers nutrition database of more than five hundred thousand food items. You can enter number of calorie up take or burn with just one click. Tools and options available in this application let you to achieve your nutritional or weight goals easily.

RunKeeper – Free


Running or jogging is one of the common daily routine for many. RunKeeper help you track your fitness activity to give your comparable results that you need. This application uses GPS technology that is found in your iPhone to track your fitness activity. You can know the distance andĀ averageĀ speed of your daily activity you made using this application. If you are running on a treadmill then you can enter the data manually. This application is compatible with iPhone 3G and 3GS models.

iPump Yoga – $1.99


Yoga is one of the ancient and proven workouts which have got the power to restore physical, spiritual and psychological health. iPump Yoga offers you with easy to understand and follow exercises. It has total of 3 Hatha Yoga flows with 61 images, audio and video coaching. You can follow each flow easily by looking at the images and listening to audio. There is also a log to enter you repetitions, sets and weight information. You can track your workout progress to be inspired by yourselves or send your log to other’s to inspire them and motivate yourself.

iFitness - $1.99


iFitness is a simple iPhone application that provides you with images of people performing about 230 exercises. Experts say that performing routine exercises will do no good for the body. Changing exercises periodically you can actually concentrate on particular body area or muscles. This application can be used to replace your personal trainer and provide assistance to perform workouts in more healthy and safe way.


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