Tools to Remove Backgrounds from Images


There are several photo editing tools available using which you can edit your digital images. What if you want to remove unnecessary background from images or want to separate an object from the image? Many latest image editing tools like Photoshop which allow you to remove background from images.

There are other simple tools using which you can remove background without much effort compared to tools like Photoshop. Here are some of the best tools for removing background from images.



FotoFlexer is an online application which can be used directly from your web browser without the need to install any application on your computer. All that you need to do is upload your image and click on the geek tab. In this tab you will find an option called smart scissors click on it and select the area that you would like to separate from background. While selecting you will notice that smart scissors will automatically resizes and fits to the object intelligently.


After you have done selecting the object click on the smart cutout, here if you feel that the image is not perfectly selected you can do some minor adjustments and you are done. Using this tool is much easier and faster than other applications like Photoshop and more over you need not install any application just to remove background from an image.



This is another simple tool to remove background from images in few steps. Download InstantMask and install it on your computer. Now open that image from which you like to remove the background. Using available markers just mark the foreground and background on the image and click on the preview button. You will be amazed with the work of InstantMask, if you find any unwanted areas in the picture mark those areas and you are done. Save the image or you can add new background to the image if you want.


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