How to take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S4 screen


You got new Samsung Galaxy S4 android phone. With bigger screen, you can do more stuff. You may want to take screenshot of your Galaxy S4 phone screen to share your Game scores or instructions on how to get something done.

Unlike early android phones, It has become easy to capture screenshots. You don’t need to root your phone. It is as easy as hitting familiar Windows Print screen button. There are couple of ways to capture screenshots on the new Galaxy phone.

1. How to take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S4 android screen using Keys
Just press Home and Power/Lock keys simultaneously at the same time to capture screenshot. Screenshot is copied to clipboard for pasting it easily anywhere. It is also saved in Screenshots folder in Gallery android app.

You will see screen capture notification. Swipe down notification panel and tap on the screenshot captured to view it. You can swipe with two fingers on the Screenshot Captured to get more option to edit, delete, share the image from Notification Panel.

Go to Applications > Gallery > Screenshots folder to view saved Screenshots. Once you open any screenshot image, You can share it via Email, FaceBook, Bluetooth etc.

2. How to capture screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S4 android screen using Palm Capture
On your android phone, Go to Settings > My Device > Motions and Gestures > Palm Motion > Turn on. Also Turn on Capture Screen.

Now you can use Palm or Hand to capture screenshot by swiping your palm from left to right or right to left on the screen as shown below. Screenshot will be saved to Screenshots folder under Gallery.

swipe palm hand across screen to take screenshot

That is easy to capture screenshots on Galaxy S4. Process for taking screenshots is same as Galaxy S3. On Galaxy Note 2, Note 8.0, You can use S Pen to capture screenshots also.

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