How to take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 screen


You got new Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 android tablet with S-Pen. If you like medium sized tablets, I am sure you are definitely loving it. You can take screenshot of your note 8.0 tablet easily. You may want to do that for sharing your game scores or instructions to your friends on hot to use it.

You needed to root early android devices just to capture screens. That was crazy. It is easy to capture screenshots on the new android phones or tablets. You can just swipe your hand across the screen or press couple of buttons or use S-Pen to take screenshots.

How to capture screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0
1. Palm Sweeping across the screen
Just sweep across the screen of Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 to take screenshot. Your screenshot will be saved to Gallery > Screenshots folder. You can access it by going to App > Gallery or in the notification panel. Palm swipe to capture option need to turned on under Settings > Motion.

swipe palm hand across screen to take screenshot
image credit: samsung

You can share the screenshot image via Email, Bluetooth or on Facebook etc. This method may not work in some applications.

2. Using S Pen to capture screen
Press and hold the S Pen button and touch anywhere on the screen until you hear a click sound. Thats it. Screenshot is taken and saved in Gallery > Screenshots folder.

You can also capture selected area of the screen using S Pen. Press and hold the S Pen button and draw a line around the area you want to capture using S Pen. Selected area will be saved to Gallery > Screenshots folder.

capture screenshot on samsung galaxy note 8.0 with s pen
image credit: samsung

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