How to Watch Multiple YouTube Videos in the Same Window

youthreeb1If you are an avid YouTube watcher, you might have noticed the absence of one fact- YouTube does not allow you to watch multiple videos in one window. A feature which is potentially extremely helpful as it  creates a much better and smoother user experience. (Think of flipping through an avalanche of tabs, or in worse cases,-multiple windows  for viewing multiple videos.)

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How to Edit YouTube Videos

youtube-edit2Sometimes, you might not be happy with the quality of the video you have uploaded on YouTube and wish you could do some edits on it. There might be other reasons as well. Whatever they are, if you do want to edit a YouTube, how can you do that?

Step 1 - Download: the YouTube video to your desktop. There is a multitude services like Downloader9, Vixy, iDesktop TV etc for this precise purpose. These services generally let you paste a YouTube URLs in their website and let you convert them to different file formats.

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Top Websites to Get Best Videos from YouTube

On YouTube you can find many interesting, funny, scary and other kinds of videos. But, for finding one from the stack, you should be lucky. So what if the luck comes in a bundle and makes it easy for you to watch some of the interesting videos on YouTube?

Here are some websites that bring you best videos from YouTube. Checkout the funniest videos and try not to laugh while watching the videos.

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3 Desktop Tools to Download Videos from YouTube like Sites

video-sharing-sites-logo_picThere are many video sharing sites like YouTube hosting awesome to cool videos which you can watch directly in your web browser. But what if you want to watch the video offline on your computer or on your cell phone for that matter?

Here are 3 cool desktop tools which allow you to download the videos to your desktop easily. These tools also allow you to convert video file formats and has very clear and easy user interface. Using these tools you can download videos and streaming media, music, etc., from variety of sites like YouTube, Google Videos, MySpace, etc.

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