How to Lock Specific Keyboard and Mouse Functions on Windows

There are certain times when you would like to lock specific keyboard or mouse functions such as when a toddler is around you or whenever you are cleaning your PC. Locking your keyboard or mouse helps in preventing unwanted buttons from accidentally getting pressed.

Kid-Key-Lock is one such program that enables you to lock specific keyboard and mouse functions. It is easy-to-use and configure. You can lock specific functions such as left mouse button, right mouse button, system key combination, all keys,etc. The following sections will guide you in installing and configuring Kid-Key-Lock.

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How to Quickly Find Files on Windows

Searching files on your PC using the default search in Windows takes lot of time. The latest versions of Windows i.e Vista and Windows 7 have been designed for faster searching using the advanced file indexing technique. But, one of the main drawbacks of file indexing is that it runs in the background and uses a lot of system resources, thereby slowing down your PC.

Locate32 is a free application that can quickly search files on your computer by making use of databases. The information about the directory structures are stored in databases and are used in searches. Locate32 can handle file searching faster than Windows Vista and Window 7′s file indexing. Continue reading

How to Print Sscreen on a Mac with Windows

print-screenIn order to take a screenshot of your desktop or the current window pane on a Mac with Windows installed, the keyboard shortcut is F14. You can find this key just above the keys ‘home’, ‘page up’ etc., above the arrow keys on the apple keyboard.


I found other suggestions on the web for this issue like using Shift--3 or Shift--4 or by using the on-screen keyboard: Programs>>Accessories >> accessibility >> onscreen keyboard
click the ctrl and psc, then normal paste. But, I figured the above mentioned keyboard shortcut is the easiest way to do a print screen.

You might want to go through other third party software like WinSnap or MwSnap to take a screenshot with some useful control options.

Macbook keyboard mapping with Windows

How to Change the Default Media Player in Windows

change_windows_default_media_playerAll Windows Operating Systems comes with Windows Media Player as a default media player. There are many other modern media players available which are packed with many great and useful features then Windows Media Player. You might be having your favorite media player installed on your computer and want to set it as your default media player.

But when you double click on any media file on your computer it opens in WMP by default. In some cases WMP asks you to download codec to play the file. There are many good media players like VLC which comes with virtually all latest codec such that you can play any video or audio file easily and also with comfort. To set your favorite media player as your default media player in Windows follow the steps below.

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How to Create Windows Icons (.ico files)

custom_windows_iconsIt is very easy to create custom Windows Icons and use them on your favorite folders and drives on your computer. You can create icons from your favorite photos or images. Icons are nothing but images in .ico format if you can convert an image into .ico format with right resolution then you can use that image as icon. Let me tell you the easiest way to create .ico images from your favorite images or photos using a simple tool.

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