Clicker: One Stop Shop for Streaming TV

Clicker is a one stop guide for Internet television which helps you to find TV shows, Movies and other video files to watch them online. There are hundreds and thousands of video hosting sites like YouTube, Metacafe, Hulu, etc., where people can upload video files. As the video data base on Internet is huge searching for a specific show is difficult. No matter who is hosting the video Clicker can help you find any show you want to watch online.


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Jinni: Search and get Movie Recommendations matching your Taste

jinni_logoJinni is a web site still in beta stage where you can get recommendations on movies you like based on your taste. You can also search for movies, TV shows and also watch online with the help of Jinni. You can get movie recommendations by entering your liked titles, artists, moods, etc. To watch movies online Jinni will provide you with links and resources where you can watch or buy the movie.

Jinni has got a very simple and interactive user interface which allows you to search for a title easily. You can browse through various categories like mood, plot, genres, time period, place, audience and praise. Every category is further divided into various sections to help zero in on the movie faster.

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