How to Stream Video from VLC Media Player

vlc_logoVLC media player is one of the best media player that you can find today. It is an open source and free application which can play virtually any video and audio formats. Unlike other media players VLC also allows you to stream media over network.

To know how to stream video using VLC media player follow the instructions below. It is very easy to setup and stream video in minutes.

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How to Stream Your Videos to Your iPhone

video-streaming-for-iphoneWell, the answer is, go to the App Store. There are quite a few apps which let you do exactly this, i.e. stream video to your iPhone. While there are many, the best of the lot, is the Air Video. In this post we will show you how you can stream a video on the iPhone/iPod touch through the Air Video.

One of the big problems of watching a video on the iPhone is the file format issue. The problem is that most of the common video formats – AVI, Divx, MKV etc, are not supported by the iPhone. Now, Air Video’s extremely cool “Live Conversion” feature solves that problem in a jiffy. It does so by converting the files to iPhone/iPod touch compatible format (h.264), on the fly. That means, the days of waiting endlessly for the file to be converted are over.

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