How to Create Twitter Status Message Screenshots from The Address Bar

twitter_logoHere is a quick and easy way to create Twitter status screenshots from the address bar in your browser.

In order to get the direct link to a Twitter status message, as some of you might be aware of: click on the time stamp just below any message on Twitter to get the direct link of a specific status message.


Now, in order to grab a quick screenshot of a status message on Twitter, just replace in the link (URL) in your address bar with so for instance:

would become

With this intriguing trick, in a quick step, a twitter status message can be changed to a screenshot as in the following image. As this trick is independent of the browser, it is quite handy to take a screenshot of Twitter status messages in no time.


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5 Web Tools to Get the Most Out of Google Buzz

Google Buzz is a trendy way to share updates, photos, videos, and more. You can easily start conversations about interesting things. Google Buzz enables you to connect to other sites like Twitter, Flickr etc., and import your stuff. Buzz also recommends you interesting posts and enables you to skip other non-interesting stuff. Right from your mobile, you can go through buzz and tag posts with your location.


Tweet your Buzz

Tweet your Buzz enables you to link Google Buzz to your Twitter account. It allows you to make your buzz automatically be sent to Twitter and will include a link back to your buzz. Messages sent can be more than 140 characters in length as your Twitter followers can just hit the link to read the rest of the post. Continue reading

Best Sites/Services to Follow Trends on the Web

The ability to follow trends is handy, especially for web publishers and/or web marketers. Having an idea about what people are saying and/or searching for in the web is valuable as it is the key to running a successful website and there are a few websites and services that helps you in tracking the trends on the web.

Google Trends: Google Trends plays a major role in gauging the trends in the web.  Google Trends displays the major trends happening in the web through a graphical display. It also displays regional and linguistic features along with it. Plus its “Hot Topics” and “Hot Searches” and the recently integrated of real time search feature makes Google Trends one of the standard tools fo checking web trends.

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Use Multiple Accounts on your Android with Seesmic support

seesmic_for_android_001Seesmic for Android has just released at the marketplace which offers it users to add and manage multiple Twitter accounts from Android. Seesmic one of the most popular Twitter application to use on various mobile phones is now available for Android. Multiple accounts, location sharing, video sharing, photo sharing are URL shortening are some of the interesting features of this application.

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How to Use Twitter Lists

twitter_logoTwitter had rolled out new feature called Twitter Lists. Twitter Lists allows you to organize people you follow and also have a chance to meet new people sharing same interests. If you are a tech geek and want to know what other tech geeks are saying about then you can create a Twitter list grouping all your favorite tech geeks in it.

Twitter list is not just a static list with user’s names in it rather you can see tweets from the set of users within the list. By creating a list you can see real-time tweets of the users in the list to know what they are saying about. You can also include people who you are not following in the lists.

You can start a Twitter list for anything for example you can start a list of your family members, co-workers, friends, relatives or just about anything. This way all the members in the list can know what others are tweeting about and come across people sharing similar thoughts.

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