Tools to Make Windows XP Look like Windows Vista

If you are looking to upgrade your operating system from Windows XP to Windows Vista just because you like the looks or interface than think again. You can transform the looks of Windows XP to Windows Vista by using some of the tools and feel like you are working on Windows Vista. There are many reasons why a person what to stick to Windows XP operating system because of the ease in functionality, system configuration or the settings that you have made or for the applications you are running. Now by using these tools you can transform the looks of Windows XP to Windows Vista easily and if you want to go back to the original state then you can easily remove it using the uninstall program. Check out these cool tools to transform XP looks to Vista today.


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6 Twitter Tools to Share Photos or Videos

If you are a Twitter user then you must be knowing the fun in sharing things on Twitter. Although you can share all most all anything on Twitter but there are very few tool for sharing media like photos and videos. Here in there are six power full Twitter tools for media sharing like photos and videos:

Power Twitter- this is a FireFox add-on that will enhance your twitter experience. Using this tool, you not only tweet directly on to the Twitter website but also you can share photos and videos with your friends and followers. Using this tool, you can do custom setting to your twitter account. This add-on will enable you to include videos and photos from other sites like YouTube, Flicker, etc…


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GeekTool: Display Information you want on Mac OS 10.5 Desktop

GeekTool is a small Preference Pane application that allows you to display information you want on your Mac OS 10.5 desktop. Every geek wants to customize his computer the way he likes it. With the help of GeekTool you can now display shell script output, space available on your disk, up-time, images, etc., easily. It is a free application and you can also download source code if you want to customize it.


The interface of GeekTool is very simple and so you can make your choices quickly. The shell tool mode of this application allows you to monitor up-time, file systems, your computer load, etc. This is the most powerful and interesting mode in GeekTool.


File Plug-in helps you to display operating system activity in real time with /var/log/system.log or you can choose to follow any file you like. You can monitor your iTunes, ip addresses and many more. You can also customize the way font size, color and style look in the window frame.

You can display images of your family or about anything float on your screen. This is what makes GeekTool very special. You can choose to have any file floating on your screen and you can also choose to display those files on every window if you like.

GeekTool allows you to move entries as you like. You can place them in the center, left, right or top anywhere you feel comfortable. GeekTool is one such application which makes you feel that you are a real geek out there.

Sublime Text Editor: A Completely Customizable Text Editor

Having a good text editor installed on your computer for programming purpose will reduce stress considerably. What if you have a text editor that is highly customizable? Sublime Text Editor is one such source code editor with tons of features and it is very easy to use. You can choose to edit code without any disturbance on the screen like menus or side bars. It has support for syntax highlighting for many programming languages like HTML, C, C++, Groovy, JavaScript, Java and many more.


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5 Handy FTP Clients

Having FTP clients handy will make life easy to transfer data over internet. FTP clients are been used over ages to transfer data over internet securely. These clients will make sharing files easy file_transfer_screenshotwith little effort and you can also indirectly they help in remote use of computers. You can also manage file storage systems of different hosts to a user and transfer files securely and efficiently.

There are many different FTP clients available both free and paid applications. Here we have mentioned some of best free FTP clients with great features. Choose a Client based on your needs and let us know which one you like the most in comments.

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