How to Backup Mozilla Firefox

firefox1Mozilla Firefox is the most used web browser today with all the added functionalities, extension and bookmarklets life with Firefox is easy and simple. What if your system crashes and you need to reinstall Firefox? All your days of work will be lost, you have to again search for the extensions, reorganize the bookmarklets and many other things that you have saved on Firefox. In order to avoid all these the best idea is to backup your Firefox profile which is easy and completes in few steps. The process to backup your Firefox profile is:

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Top 14 Free Antivirus Softwares – Which one is the best?

virusThere are a number of anti virus software’s available in the market today. Some of the software’s are available for free, some others have a price associated with it and a few of them come with a trial version of the software for a short period of time, so that the users can try using the software before purchasing it.

Note: For any anti-virus program that you download, it should include an update or auto-update feature to download profiles of new viruses so that it can check for new viruses as they are discovered. For effective defense your anti-virus program should be running in the background at all times.

Following are some of the free anti-virus software’s..

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How to Download Older Versions of Software

Most of the software’s get upgraded now and then and most software’s update and upgrade automatically if your computer is connected to the internet. We believe that new versions of a software comes with more exciting features and with bug fixes. However, the new versions of software’s are not always useful and sometimes we feel that older version of the same software worked just fine.

Many of us might have experienced some problem when we tried to upgrade or install new version of software. There might be many reasons for this like,  system configuration being not compatible with the new version or  the new version of the software is loaded with un-necessary features, thereby increasing the file size or may be the user interface is changed and so on.

There might be many reasons why one wants to revert back to  the older version of the software or application. So where do we find the older version of the software?

Well, here in are some of the sites that have up-to-date versions of the most common software’s that we use.

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How to Download Nero 9 – Data Burning Software for Free

Nero is one of the leading and popular disc burning softwares. The good news is now you can download Nero 9 version for free with all basic burning features. Nero 9 is packed with lot of features which lets you to rip, create, copy and burn CDs and DVDs. You can also edit, share and upload media and data online with the help of Nero 9. Nero 9 full edition will let you do more than the free version.

You can download Nero 9 free version from the official Nero site for free. You can also download and try 15 day trial version which lets you to do all the functions but for only 15 days.

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3 Popular Photoshop Alternatives

Photoshop is a great tool for editing photos and can be used to create graphic images. But Photoshop is a paid application and requires lot of skills to understand all the tools involved for editing. There are many simple yet powerful applications which stand as an alternative for the Photoshop and allow you to do the edit images like that of Photoshop. And the important thing is they are free and very easy to use when compared to that of Photoshop. Here in are three popular Photoshop Alternatives that can give you the freedom of simple and smooth image editing.

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