How to Remove esnips Toolbar and Search Engine

Update: If you are still having problems with esnips toolbar or esnips search engine after trying below things, you can install another toolbar like Yahoo Toolbar or Ask Toolbar and uninstall it again. This may solve your problem. Thanks to Unus for this suggestion in the comments.

esnips-logoEsnips is one of the popular file sharing services available on the web. In order to download files from esnips, you need to download the ‘esnips downloader‘ software. This software by default changes the default search engine in all your web browsers (Firefox, Chrome etc.,) which is annoying and it slows down your system performance.

In order to completely remove the esnips software and toolbar, you can un-install the esnips download software from your system control panel. And, in un-install the ‘esnips downloader extension‘ if you are using Mozilla Firefox. Continue reading

Tips to Take Better Screenshots

screenshotWe all know that pictures say more than thousands words. In order to allow the picture to speak with the reader clearly you need to take a better screenshot with right resolution covering important information that you want to say. As a blogger I use many screenshots to make my readers understand the concept better. You can also see screenshots in software manuals both online and print, care must to taken to get a better screenshot even after printing.

Traditionally many people use Print screen button on their keyboard to copy entire screen to the clipboard and use paintbrush or Photoshop to edit the shot. This can be very time consuming and a labors process if you are looking forward to capture several screenshots. There are many special software’s available which allow you to easily capture a piece of the screen or full screen easily.

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Best Utility to Track Your Budget on Desktop

No matter how much you earn, most of the people lose track of how much they spend at the end of the month. Planning budget ahead can save you a lot and you will have complete information on where your money is flowing.

BudgetTrakker is the best desktop application to use for budget planning. It is a cross-platform application which runs on Adobe Air platform. It can be used for both personal and business use to manage your finance with ease. This application even lets you to manage your loans and credit cards payments to avoid late fee charges.


You can create different accounts to manage you income, expenditure, utilities, etc., in one place. It can display a summary of all your accounts to calculate income and expenditure, and the difference. You can do all this with just few keyboard press and few mouse clicks. Over and above to all these features the best part of this application is it is completely free.

Download and Install Updates for Applications with Mac Updaters

mac_update_001We will be using different kinds of applications for various purposes on our Mac system. To ensure that we get full functionality from applications they need to be up to date with latest versions. It can be bit difficult to search for updates manually and install those to the applications. Although most of the applications come with automatic update functionality, there are still some which needs some kind of manual operation like searching and installing updates. You can stay free from all these hassle just by installing any Mac Updaters on your system.

They are very easy to use and install to ensure that most of the Mac applications installed on your Mac stay up to date with the latest versions or functions. Here are some of the best Mac Updaters which you can download and use for free.


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Comparison of Multi-Protocol Instant Messengers

There are many instant messaging clients present and most of the people hold an account in multiple instant messaging services. It is not a good idea to use individual client for each of the instant messaging service instead you can use some of the multiple protocol instant messaging clients. Using this multiple protocol instant messaging clients you can manage all your instant messaging accounts under one application.

You can login and use the client like you do on any of the IM application. Most of these clients also offer social networking such that you can stay connected to the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc., from the application. They are very easy to use and you can login into multiple accounts in the same service using these clients.

Be sure to stay connected with all your friends on various networks using these free multi-protocol IM clients.  Here are some of the popular multi protocol IM clients are being compared based on the features available.

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