21 Free Sites to Listen to Radio Online

1) Pandora.com

This online tool does not need any separate software to listen to music. This allows you to listen to free web radio and search for music as well as artists.  Here we can create as many stations as we like.

2) Last.fm

This online radio site not only allows you to listen to all kinds of music but also recommends you music, based on what you listen to. It also has exciting featured stations like Oldies Radio, Ballad Radio, Spanish Radio,..etc.


3) Somafm.com

This online radio website has 14 unique channels, which is especially listener supported. This is a commercial free radio website.

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RiledUp: Debate and Discuss Topics in Any Area

Debating a topic is very helpful in many ways. You can know ups and downs involved in the topic and also have a chance to know the opinion of others. RiledUp is a web platform where you can start or join a debate like in a social network. You can have debate with many users and gain important information about the topic and can also know proficiency you have on it. You can make friends and enemies from around the world also can grow up to top position in the site.

RiledUp is a unique web site where anyone can join or start a debate easily for free. You need to sign up with the site before you can do anything on this site. To start a debate you have to create one first by giving a topic and brief description with guidelines to join.

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Spectives: Follow Your Favorite Web Sites Visually

Did you subscribe to your favorite blogs or sites to get updates through RSS feed. Spectives is an alternative for RSS which also gets updates from your favorite sites visually. Unlike RSS feeds which only provides you with Title and little content update Spectives will get you visually updates like images and titles in the site. This approach is very much interesting and fun exploring updates. An image can tell lot more than words this saying applies well to this site.

When you first visit the site you can see collection of other users on Spectives. It is very easy to create your own collection to start getting visual updates from your favorites. First you need to name a unique collection name and proceed to add favorites. Unlike RSS feeds you need not have to add only RSS feed address of the site you can simply add the site URL.


Spectives will search the site for any feeds and add them to your collection. If a site has more than one feed then it will prompt you to select a feed manually. You can also get suggestions on getting feeds and adding them to your collection. You can pick feed from other users and add them to your collection by doing this you can mix many collections in one and make your collection appear in featured collection listing.

If you do not like to or wish to search others collections you can do it freely on Spectives. It can also be used as a visual news search or to that matter you can search visuals in many categories.

When you have created a collection and added some sites to it. Images in the sites will be updated to your collection so you can browse through them. When a site gets updates like in RSS feeds new images in the sites will be updated in your Spectives collection. You can view images from your favorite sites each images is accompanied with title and when you hover mouse pointer you can read some text of the post.

Clicking on any image will redirect you back to its source such that you can read the post directly in its home site. This approach is the best to use for the users who wish to search content based on images. You can also add other user’s collection as tabs in your account such that you can view their collection easily. The more people add your collection as tab that popular your collection will become and have chance to post in featured collections.

51 Sites to Watch Videos Online

Internet is a great place to find about anything and videos are no exception for this. There are many video hosting sites which allow the user to watch and upload videos for free. All the sites combined hold millions of hours of videos so you can find the video you are looking for easily in any one of the site. In these sites you can find funny videos, educational videos, home videos, political, science, action, movies, music and many more.


Here is the list of popular video sites where in you can find about any video that is hosted on Internet. Every site has got its own features and specialties so check them all.

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Some (Really) Cool Ways to Send Free SMS

Here is the great list of websites and applications using which you can send SMS to your friends and family for free. You can also find deals to promote your products through some of these services. Some services may be country specific which allow you to send SMS only to selected countries.


Jaxtr allows us to send free SMS worldwide. The service is fast & message recipients can reply to your text message using their own cell phones or through a web link that’s included in the SMS message. The character limit is 65 words.

: This one is the easiest way to send an SMS, but it has a limit of only 2 SMS per IP address per day. It allows full length (160 characters) messages to anyone in India and the best of all no prior registration is required.

Gizmo SMS: Gizmo SMS is an web-based SMS service which allows users to send SMS to mobile phones in more than 65 countries on over 215 mobile networks from any web browser for free. It supports up to 80 characters.

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