How to Import iTunes Podcasts to Rhythmbox Music Player

There are many useful and intriguing podcasts available in a different categories (music, education, tutorials, inspiration etc.,) offered for a wide range of purposes. Wouldn’t it be great if you can export the iTunes podcasts feeds to an external music player which is equally rich in features like Rhythmbox.

feed-flipperI found a quick and easy-to-use web utility which makes it easier for you to import iTunes podcasts to Rhythmbox in no time. Feed Flipper is basically a free web based iTunes podcast to RSS converter.

Feed Flipper is a free alternative to iTunes which converts an audio iTunes podcast into an RSS XML feed. So, the resulting URL is then available to be subscribed to directly into your RSS feed reader of your choice. So, in order to convert an iTunes audo podcast URL to an XML feed, start by pasting an iTunes podcast URL onto the provided field on the website. Continue reading