Grooveshark – Listen to Free Music Online and Internet Radio

groovesharklogoWouldn’t it bt nice so just search for any song(s) and play, for free? Literally, just search for a song and listening to it right away. To intrigue you further, here is a web service which enables you to search for any song, add to a playlist check out popular songs, albums and play for free. You need not sign up or click through multiple links before you actually get to the songs, just search for a song and start listening! Continue reading

Known what Music you Might Like with Gnoosic

Are you a music lover and listen to much music always and want to explore unheard music which you might like. Then take the help of Gnoosic which make recommendations based on your favorite music bands. Tell the name of three music bands or artists you like to Gnoosic and know what you might also like.


Gnoosic will analyze your interests and tries to understand you after allĀ it is an experimental artificial intelligence site. It will then bring some music recommendations to you. You will be having three choices like I like it, I don’t like it and I don’t know it. Click on a choice to get more recommendations there is a great chance that you will be encountered with something you have never heard of.

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