Best Search Engines to Search for Public PowerPoint Presentations

pptPowerPoint presentations make a good tool for conveying our interest and findings to others in a clean and simple way. To convey the message what we want to say through PPT presentations we require to care about many things like background, animations, colors, etc. You might have also observed that PPT presentations in different fields are done in differently style.

To have a good idea of how presentations are made having a look at previously made PPT files is the best way. There are various PowerPoint search engines available which help you to dig out publicly available presentations on web. It is estimated that there are about 50 million publicly available presentations on web. Here in we have composed best PowerPoint search engines to help you find relative presentations easily.



With the help of this site you can gain access to over 7 million presentations. All that you need to do is enter your search term in the search bar to get the results. It will look for presentations attached with the tags that you have entered and produce results according to their relevance. You can also narrow down your search by browsing through categories and tags. Presentations can be viewed in the browser or download to your computer to view offline.

Search PPT Presentations


This site makes use of Google custom search to produce results according to your need. Just enter the presentation title that you are looking for or enter tags related to the presentation you want. It will search the web and produce results according to their relevance with the given title or tags. It will search though millions of PPT files before producing results that you need.



Filedigg is not a standalone search engine for PPT files. Using this service you can also search for .doc, .pdf, xml, .flash files from web. By selecting the PPT as the search file type operator you can limit your search for only PPT files. This search engine will make use of Google custom search to search for the files that you are looking for.

PowerPoint Search


PowerPoint Search is a standalone search engine that is dedicated just to find the presentations that you are looking for. All that you need is to enter the search query in the search box and hit enter. Like the above said to site it will make use of Google custom search for finding the PPT files. It also offers you to search for presentations in different languages if you are looking for presentations in other languages other than English.



SlideShare is not a complete PowerPoint search engine it is more of a community where users can upload and submit PPT files online. Has this service is used by thousands of users you can find the presentation that you are looking for. SlideShare also takes care that PPT files hosted in its site are of good quality, you can also browse through presentation which are arranged in category wise.

3 Tools for Converting PowerPoint to Flash for Free

Presenting your work to others in the form of PowerPoint Presentations is great and enables you to express and highlight the points in your work. But PPT Presentations has got some limitations when it comes to accessibility and distribution, you need a PPT viewer or Microsoft Office PowerPoint installed on the computer to view PPT files and they are bulky to distribute via email or web.

To overcome these problems you can always convert the PowerPoint Presentation into Flash file and gain tons of advantages. Flash files can be opened with any of the web browser that has flash plug-in installed and it is compatible with any of the operating system. You can also integrate voice over, sound tracks and after conversion the file size of the Flash file will be much less than that of the original PPT file. Continue reading