How to Recover Stored Passwords from Firefox and Chrome

passwordThe modern browsers are coming with many useful features which make our browsing experience better. One feature that I think most useful their ability to store passwords or login information. You might have noticed that browser asking for remembering password when you login to a site. If you select remember option in the browser, you can directly login next time you visit the site without entering login details.

After a long run, when you need to enter your password on other system, you may not remember the password you have set. Your password is stored in the browser but you cannot see your password directly. Using password recovery tools you can retrieve passwords stored in the browser easily, even if you have forgot master password.

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Free password recovery tools for Windows to recover lost passwords

The following are a couple of free password recovery tools for Windows:

Ophcrack is one of the best password recovery tools available for free. It is simple and easy to use. The beginners and professionals can equally utilize this tool. Anyone with a basic knowledge of Windows can make use of this tool.

In order to use this tool, first we have to visit the site, download the free ISO image and burn it to a CD and boot from the CD. Continue reading

Password protect a windows folder or directory

Hide Folder is a security software which enables you to hide your private folders from others. The files which contain your personal data can be hidden using a password, with the help of this application. This password can be changed or removed at any time. By allowing to hide the file, others will not know even about the existence of your personal files. A few clicks are enough to hide the file. In this way you can successfully avoid others from manipulating your private data. Continue reading