Top 5 Laptop Computers to Buy, Which one is your choice?

laptopLaptops are evolving smaller, lighter and powerful from day to day. It will be very confusing to choose a best laptop that better suits your needs from a range of available products. To help you decide the best buy for you we have included top 5 laptops available today. These recommendations are given by considering many aspects that you may need. Check out the top list and mention how it better suits you in the comments below.

Apple MacBook Pro Summer 2009

This laptop best suits for people who do lot of traveling and requires connectivity and multimedia options. It sports Core 2 Duo 2.26 GHz processor and 2GB RAM for optimum processing speeds. It is light weight 4.4 lbs with metal body makes it look elegant and beautiful.


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Top 5 Netbooks – What’s your favorite?

From the invention of the first computer to till date there is lot of advancement in the field of computers and the computers are becoming much faster and smaller daily. With multiple connectivity options and small form factor netbooks are ideal to carry with us. With the introduction of the Intel Atom Processor which made the netbooks faster and slimmer.

And most of the modern netbooks are able to perform multimedia tasks with ease and improvement in the batteries enabled them to power the machine for hours. Herein are the top 5 netbooks that are available in the market.

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