How to Play all Video Formats in Windows Media Player

windows_media_player_logoEven the modern Windows Media Player does not have the ability to play every video or audio format files. Though it supports most of the popular formats sometimes even the files formats which are supposed to play in this player do not play.

This might occur because manufactures use different encoding process or codes for a same file format. In order to play these files in Windows Media Player you will have to download codec for that file. Downloading codec for each and every file format can be time taking and if not frustrating.

There is a process by which you will be able to play almost all video and audio formats in Windows Media Player. K-Lite codec pack is a collection of almost all codec that are available today. Just download and install this pack to play any type of format like 3GP, AVI, DivX, XviD, real media, etc., in your favorite media player.

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21 Free Sites to Listen to Radio Online


This online tool does not need any separate software to listen to music. This allows you to listen to free web radio and search for music as well as artists.  Here we can create as many stations as we like.


This online radio site not only allows you to listen to all kinds of music but also recommends you music, based on what you listen to. It also has exciting featured stations like Oldies Radio, Ballad Radio, Spanish Radio,..etc.



This online radio website has 14 unique channels, which is especially listener supported. This is a commercial free radio website.

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Handy Online Resources to Learn Guitar

guiterGuitar is one of the most used musical instruments in any type of music composition. It can be used to play melodies classics to electrifying rock bands. Many aspiring young people select guitar has their favorite music instrument and would like to master the peace. It is a best tool to impress people around you in any social gathering or especially the one you like most.  It is relatively easy to play guitar but requires skills to master it.

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Best Yahoo! Widgets for Audio

Yahoo! is one of the popular sites that provide various useful services. Yahoo! Widgets are very handy and can add much useful functionality to your computer. If you are music lover and want to extract the most out of your system and want to have easy to use controls over audio. Yahoo! Widgets has many useful widgets for this purpose which you can download and install on your system for free.

Here are some of the best Yahoo! Widgets that adds audio value to your computer. They are absolutely safe to use and are very easy to use. If you are looking for a music player that saves your desktop space still offer you awesome music with all controls Yahoo! Widget have it. Many more such widgets are available in this site to rock music on your computer.



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How to Backup your iTunes

itunes-logoDo you fear losing your music collection to a computer crash? This will cause all your effort and money (if you are not using pirated music) wipe in an instance. iTunes is a great place to manage your playlists and music library. It will also allow you to backup music in iTunes library easily. Continue reading to know how to backup your music files using iTunes.

Using iTunes backup you can backup media and any applications you buy on iTunes store. To start with the process of backup you need to check if you have all essential tools.

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