Comparison of Tools for Syncing Files across Machines and accessing them in Your Mobile

file-sync_picYou may be using different computer in your office and home or you may be using your laptop and desktop to work. So accessing the same files on different system and keeping them updated at same time is a hug task which takes lot of time and effort. But now with the file sync software’s you can do it on the fly. You can be sure that all the files that you work with will be up to date such that changes made in one system are automatically up dated in the other systems.

Some of these File sync software’s will also allow you to access these files on your mobile phone such that you can view or even edit files on the move and anywhere you are. Some of these software’s will also provide online backup service so you can be sure that all your work is safe.

Here is the comparison of some of File Sync software’s which allow you to sync files across machines (Windows and Mac, even mobile phones) and you can access these file on your mobile device such that you can share and present them anywhere you want.

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