How to Reduce the Size of PDF Files

reducing-pdf-filesYou need PDF files all the time. However, the things with PDF files are that they are often huge (and hence cumbersome), especially for sending for personal purpose, like via an IM or something like that.
Now the thing is that though PDF is real handy, there is a lot of staff that goes behind the making of a PDF file. Like a large index of staff-bookmarks, annotation, not to mention the extra updation index every time you upgrade a PDF file.

So what are the way outs? Oho, well, before we go into further details and tricks-you need a PDF editor to access most of these tips.

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Resize Your Images Without Losing Quality with Reshade

reshadeWhy do you need Reshade when you already have Photoshop? Well, Photoshop is a fantastic image editor and does almost about everything you want to do with an image, except that it does not perform so great in one (and probably the only one) place – in case of image enlargement. Photoshop works more or less fine within the range of 1x-5x images, but above that problems in terms of pixel distortion (visible pixel squares, or the other nemesis, random pixel values and noise) start to ruin your image through blurry images, out of focus edges, reduced images and uncalled for noise.

How good is it? It does only one thing, image resizing. So it better be good at it. And it is quite good, especially the desktop version. The desktop app in fact does a damn neat job upto 2000% of the original image. That takes some beating, though if the original image had a lot of information, the blur comes slightly at such a magnified stage. The free version lets you choose various options as well as various resolution sizes from the left tab and the dropdown menu. However, the free version does not give much while for the paid version you have to go through a complicated process of buying credit. The more credit you buy 9up to 100 credits for a maximum of $49.50, the more resizing options you get (unlimited zoom factors, upto 6000x3750px image resize, a neat feature to remember all low resolution images etc)

When is it useful? Imagine cropping out the eye of the eagle from your 15x long shot and still you want the eye to retain all its eagle fieriness. Or trying to crop out the accentuated edges of a leaf, or a pollen. No Photo/Image editor helps here. Reshade does a considerably good job, almost retaining the entire quality while giving it a new and enlarged avatar altogether. This editor also allows cropping and batch processing.


Image source: Rehsade

Who will find it most useful? Bloggers. Everyone who has ever blogged knows the pain of up-scaling a small image without losing its quality. It will help professional photographers, but not always, as the blur is not absolutely non existent always. However, scientific labs, who need upscaled images many times may find Reshade mighty useful.
Note: This cloud based image editor is also great on another count, it does not require any download. However, it also has a desktop version. They also have a new resize image enlarger for Windows