How to Hide Files and Folders in Windows 7

hidden_and_visible_foldersKeeping important files and folders from the view of others is very necessary for their security. If you are sharing your computer with others then hiding important files and folders from other users becomes more important.

Hiding files and folders in Windows 7 is bit different then other Windows operating system versions. In earlier versions of Windows you will find the top menu in Windows explorer in which one of the items used to be Tools menu. But in Windows 7 in order to access folder option-

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How to Lock Folders and Files

book_with_a_lockIf you are working on a computer that even others use then you would like to hide important file and folders. There are many applications and methods available to lock or hide file and folders so others using the computer cannot view or change the content in it.

These application or methods do not alter the content of files or folders in any way but will help you to hide or lock folders from unauthorized use. Here are some applications and methods to easily hide or lock files and folders.

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