Google Goggles: Search the Web from Your Mobile through Images

google-goggle-betaA picture says a thousand words. So why take the trouble of typing when you are Googling? Take a snap, put it on Google Goggles and let the Google algorithms do the rest.

You are traveling in a foreign land, see something real cool, or unique and want to know more about it. However, the object you see is unique enough to defy description to put together a relevant query. So what do you do?

Well, you will not really feel lost anymore if you are carrying, say a Droid with you. All you need to is go to the Android Market, download the Google Goggles to your Android operated hardware and snap an image. While taking an image, try to fill as much of the screen-space with that image as possible. Then search the web with that image and Google will return you results matching that object.


How does it works? The app sends the image to Google’s datacenters. Signature of objects in the images are created using computer vision algorithms which are compared against other known items in their image recognition databases to find possible matches and relevant result is returned based on available metadata, ranking signals etc. The app also sports a cool video feature.

Google Goggles is still in beta. However it is still very much worth giving it a shot. The app is free and does more than a neat job in with inanimate objects like architectures, logo, bar code, books etc, though not so much on real life objects – yet, that is.

5 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Bing from Google

bing-searchWhen someone is trying to play the search engine giants Google with another search engine, they better be jolly good at it. That is exactly what Microsoft’s Bing is it. It is the the second best search engine, after Google, raking up 10% of the search engine market (Google holds the sway with 65%) and growing at a phenomenal rate of 22% per month.

Still, competing with Google in the field of search engine is a Herculean claim and astonishingly, Bing does have some super features to beat Google at its own game. Here is a quick glance at what they are.

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How to Check if Your Site is Indexed by Google

googleIt is important to know if your site or blog is indexed by Google because you can employ SEO strategies based on that. There is a simple way to know if your site or blog is indexed by Google or not. Just ask Google about that.

How to check if your site is indexed by Google?

1. Open your Web browser and type in the address bar

2. In the Google home page type the following command followed by your site or blog URL.

Note: No spaces after site or colons. You can also enter any webpage URL of your site (e.g.: to know its index status.

3. Hit enter or click on Google Search button

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