Beginners Tips for Google Wave

google_wave_logoGoogle Wave is the combination of Email, instant messaging, social networking, project manager and in-browser communication client. If you have requested Google Wave for an invitation there is a great chance that your request is been accepted. At the first glance of common people may not understand the features and function in this web application. But when you get familiarize with its features it will be very easy to play with.

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User interface of this new web application looks simple and familiar like any other Google application. Mainly it is divided into four sections: Navigation, Contacts, Inbox and your current Wave. Using Google Wave is bit different from other applications.

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10 useful Google Wave Extensions and Gadgets

google_wave_logo2Google Wave is relatively brand new service from Google and so it’s API. You may find Google Wave bit confusing up on first use but when you regularly use and get used to its functions it will be very easy to handle it. Though Google Wave has many functions built in you can also add extra functions to this application through extensions and gadgets.

These extensions and gadgets expand functionality of Wave. Google Wave when available to everyone can easily substitute most of the social networking sites. Here are 10 most useful Google extensions and gadgets which you can add to your Wave to expand its boundaries.

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The Complete Guide to Google Wave


Google Wave a new service from the house of Google is rippling all around the web. Wave service is only available to few lucky invitees for the time being but everyone else what to know what exactly Google Wave is and what we can do with this service for. Not even the Google official site explains all about this service clearly. If you are so curious about knowing Wave in details and all the functions available in Wave here is a guide for you to know.

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Google Wave Notifier: First Google Wave Add-on for Firefox

google_wave_logo1Google Wave has created much buzz around the internet users when Google announced its service. Although only select Wave invitees only can use this service for the time being there is a Firefox add-on already. Google Wave Notifier 0.0.3 Add-on for Firefox is created by Chad Smith which notifies about new wavelets to Wave users.

Google Wave Notifier add-on is very easy to install in your web browser like any other Firefox add-on. When it is installed you can see a little icon at bottom right of your browser. When you have any incoming wavelets it will notify it with a number. When you hover your mouse pointer over the number a window pop’s up showing you the wavelet.


In order to use this add-on you need to provide it with your Wave username and password to get wavelets to your browser. You can also set time to check for updates at regular intervals of time.  It can also show you how many unread messages are there in your account. If you are using Gmail Manager or any other similar add-on to get notified about updates you will also love this add-on. It is still in early experimental stage and is receiving good reviews about its work.