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groovesharklogoWouldn’t it bt nice so just search for any song(s) and play, for free? Literally, just search for a song and listening to it right away. To intrigue you further, here is a web service which enables you to search for any song, add to a playlist check out popular songs, albums and play for free. You need not sign up or click through multiple links before you actually get to the songs, just search for a song and start listening! Continue reading

Best Websites to Download Free Music

free-music-downloadSome of us cannot quite go through a day without some dose of music. And unless, you keep buying music albums, or have some of your friends in the music industry, you will soon exhaust the stock of music in your computer, phone and even your iPod.  For those kind of people, a huge repository of free and totally legal music is just about as good as it gets. The following, therefore, is a sneak peek into the world of hundreds and thousands of free and fully legal music.

The Biggies:

1. iTunes: Any list about free music has got to start with Apple’s iconic iTunes. The world’s biggest online music store does put of a host of free offers, especially from upcoming artists. The only problem is that their list is a bit country specific. You might not get all the goodies in all the countries.

2. Well, the world’s biggest e-retailers too have a section on free music and you might jolly well like to wrap it up. Amazon is giving away one free song everyday till the Santa arrives on December 25th. A jolly cool (and teaser) deal for you to check out.

3. Last.Fm: Well, if you are looking to scourge through an enormous repository of  songs across all perceivable genres- from classical to Indie, to hiphop and even some of the oldies for free, this is where you should be. also provides you music suggestions based on your taste.

The Treasure Trove:

1. Free Music Archive: This site is created by WFMU, the Jersey City radio station, financially supported by the New York State Music Fund and curated by people from other radio stations and labels. The site, therefore, attracts a host of musicians and you can find a huge lot of staff,  many of which are refreshingly new, across the following 15 genres.

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