How to Transfer Windows 7 to a Flash Drive the Easy Way

usb_flash_driveWhen you purchase Windows 7 from the Microsoft online store, you will get a link to download ISO image file or compressed files. You can only install Windows 7 on the computer to which you have downloaded the file. In this way you can only install Windows 7 on a single computer but what if you want to install it on other computer or reinstall on the same computer due to some reason.

Having a backup of the ISO file or compressed files on a DVD or flash drive is suggested. Microsoft offers Windows 7 USB/DVD Download tool using this tools you can create a bootable DVD or USB flash drive using the downloaded ISO file.

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How to Install Windows 7 Using a Flash Drive

bootable-usbIt would have been nice if you could install Windows 7 from a flash drive. As it turns out, this is pretty much possible. The guys at Into Windows figured it out. With a 4GB boot-able USB Flash Drive and Windows 7 or Vista Installation files, you can get you system up and running with the Windows 7 (or Vista). The following steps lead you the way to do it, and in a jiffy (if your motherboard supports the USB boot features that is). So here are your steps towards creating a boot-able USB Windows 7 from the USB drive:

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