How to use HTML in Email Signature

email_signatureYou might be using your name and details at the end of every email message that you send. There is no need to type your name and details in every message if you use email signature. Using HTML for creating Email signatures will allow you to format it the way to reflect your personality. You can also add images, hyperlinks, etc., in your email signatures.

You need to create email signatures using any of the HTML editor you have or you can even create it using notepad in your computer. Most of the modern web based email services offer you to attach your personal email signature to mails by default. If you are using any email applications like Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook 2007, etc., then you need to create email signature in it.

There are certain limitations in using email signatures as some email applications and other web based email services do not support heavy HTML. Instead use simple HTML to add your name, contact number, Organization name, one small image or favicon, etc., in the signature. Many email applications render HTML differently you can make use of online programs to create HTML to use as your email signature.

When you are using images make sure that you also include alt=ā€ā€ to descried the image. Most if not all email services will remove external images from emails, if this happens your readers can know what they are missing. And also avoid using tables in signatures as most of the spam emails include this kind of code so there is a chance that your email message gets filtered.

It is better to validate HTML code with W3Cā€™s Mark validation service. Test your email signature in various email services and email clients to see if the signature in your mail is displayed correctly.