Fascinating, Mind Blowing! Tools at Digg Labs #Wow

diggDigg, of the popular community powered search engines, isĀ is a place for people to discover and share information from across the web. Whether its one of the biggest/viral online news article or an obscure blog post, Digg portrays the best stuff as voted on by people. You might want to check out how Digg works here. Labs projects look beneath the surface of the Digg community’s activities to expose content you may have otherwise missed.

I recently came across some fabulous tools under Digg labs. For a starter intrigue, its mind blowing in terms of visualization. Digg labs provide a broader and deeper insight of information poured by users from across the globe on Digg. Following are some of the tools showcased on Digg labs which I felt interesting and fascinating.


digg-labs-365Digg 365 portrays the top ten Digg stories on any given day, month and year. You can also see the top ten stories by category (technology, sports, games, lifestyle etc.,) per year. You can roll over the colored arcs to show – display the months, by clicking on it, you will be provided with an outside arc to choose a specific day. The visual look is fabulous and its an exciting way to look at popular stories on Digg. Continue reading